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Star Trek Or Star Wars

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Created by: jeanluckirk737


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I love both! I pitty those who has a deep hate for one because of some "rivalry" made up of media. Many are a fan of both. And they do help each other. Example: Star Trek prepeard the world for Star Wars and with it's sucsess opened for Star Trek movies. Star Trek movies use ILM which was originally created for Star Wars.


Really I want to say that they are like Jing and Jang they depend on each other.

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Star wars is an entertaining set of movies. The plots are interesting, with not a lot of drivel (at least until Abrams gets a hold of it) and it has a cool setting.

Star Trek is Star Trek. You can't really beat it.

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i vote both

mostly due to the origional trollogy of star wars and the expanded unervise - check it out its awesome


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I don't dislike Star Wars, but the newer stories don't seem as interesting as the first 3 movies were.

Sometimes, SW gets a bit too metaphysical for me.  I prefer technobabble.

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