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Star Trek Or Star Wars

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Created by: jeanluckirk737


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I voted both beacause I adore the The Original Trilogy and at least 80% of Trek.

I hate The Prequel Trilogy though!

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I actually prefer Star Wars (I grew up with it and it'll always have a special place in my heart...), but that doesn't mean I'm not also a big Star Trek fan.


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This isn't exactly neutral turf.  "Empire" is the only Star Wars movie I like all that much. I've found the others pretty "meh" for the most part, except for Episode I which was just a train wreck. The Star Wars expanded universe is way better than Star Trek's though. I was a huge Knights of the Old Republic fan back in the day.


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Star Trek is better, but Star Wars is classic. It is quite a great story, so it earns my both vote.


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I used to prefer Star Wars but now I prefer Star Trek. It doesn't signify much though because I still like them both. Mind you, I'm not on any Star Wars fansites.

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I always found all of the Star Wars movies quite boring. I don't care for them at all


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The two franchises really do offer different things.

Star Wars has been marketed better (I'm not sure if it has better marketing potential).  I consider myself more of a Trek fan than a Wars fan, but I look around my room and see a lot more Wars stuff than Trek stuff.  That's partially because I was more of a Wars fan when I was a teenager, and that was also the age when I was more likely to buy stuff based on a sci-fi franchise.  But even now, I stumble across some cool little Star Wars thing worth buying far more often than I find Star Trek merchandise that interests me.

By contrast, in terms of the storytelling, I think Star Trek has done significantly better at expanding beyond its original material than has Star Wars.  The original Star Trek is my favorite, but the expansiveness of the franchise's stories is the main reason I really do prefer Star Trek and voted for it, even though there was a time when I intensely loved Star Wars, and I still have fond memories of it.  For me, Star Wars stories are all but exhausted by Lucas' six movies, whereas Star Trek has produced hours upon hours of quality entertainment, all of which suggests an even bigger, more inexhaustable Star Trek universe to my own imagination.

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STAR WARS offers a sexually dysfunctional family:

Twins who lust after eachother. Their father, himself,
found romance with an immoral teenager in authority
over him,  when he was only but 8, or 9, years of age.

A father who later joins a sect which saw to his painful
(but failed) execution, for knocking up Padme (thus,
breaking the bonds of Man/boy love with his Master).

And though STAR WARS' sets, costumes, music and FX
are 2nd-to-none, the deep, psychological import of this
powerful family's issues is showcased, far too blatantly.

STAR TREK, on the other hand, offers Morality Plays, Camp,
and Adventure in a Universe whose only Connective Thread
is its own Humanity. Personally, I find that very compelling.


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I voted for Both because I do love both I really don't understand why this is an issue for some fans

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Is this a trick question?



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I like both Star Trek and Star Wars BUT Star Trek is number one!!


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I get an F for failing to read all the choices.  I voted Trek, but I should have voted Both.  I like Star Wars well enough, but I appreciate the extensiveness to which Trek has been developed onscreen and how widely available it is to the fans.  Lucasfilm won't even release all the screen material they've developed over the years (Holiday Special, Droids and Ewoks cartoons, the pre-Special Edition versions).  It kind of colors my feelings on Star Wars to some degree.


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I cannot seriously believe that someone voted for Star Wars!!!! I mean seriously, if you have a star trek account shouldn't you vote for star trek or both???????? I think Star Wars is hokey because of alll the stupid jedi's. They are so lame and all the aliens are so unrealistic.   Star Wars is awful and it kept dragging and dragging along. Star Trek is amazing and everything in it is possible in the future. It makes so much more sense and is actually philosophical. It makes you think about life and time change and everything. Star Trek is the best. 


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STar trek, Duh.  Why else am I here? XD


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Why is this an issue for some of you as you can tell by my sig I like alot of Scifi & Fantasy they are both entertainment yes they tell stories in a different ways but why this is an argument it really baffles me

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