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So as you all recall, They are all on the holodeck sailing across the sea. Worf gets promoted and has to walk the plank and jump and get his hat, which is dangling just above him and out a little. He does it, Riker says, "Computer! Remove the plank!" At which point Worf falls (in slo motion for some dumb reason) and everyone is laughing and of course Data doesn't understand the joke. Beverly tries to explain it to him. "Get in the spirit of things! Do something spontaneous" So Data pushed Beverly in. And nobody laughs. They told Data that was not funny.

Whaaaa? That was totally fun and spontaneous! I remember the audience laughing at that more than when Worf fell in. Data GOT IT JUST RIGHT!

But, nooooo, after 7 years he decides to NOW put in his emotion chip (which look COMPLETELY different that the one in the series) based on that one incident. By the way, did anyone notice how awful the special effect of his chip is? It look like a piece of Rice Chex cereal hanging and swaying quite obviously on a string.

Anyway, anyone else here think Data got the joke perfectly?



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I think it's one of those things that's funny just because its a movie but wouldn't be if it happened in real life.


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What you're describing is just more of the same,
as far as how Data was expressed throughout TNG.
He always "got it," he just didn't "realize" it. This was
to represent, in a somewhat clumsy fashion, actually,
how we fail to see, at times, certainly, what's best in
ourselves, even though it's quite apparent to others.


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Poor Data. Guinan tells him the most pathetic joke ever, and then insists that the only reason he could not have found it funny was because he did not have a sense of humour. Then years later, he does something that is actually funny and everyone tells him that it isn't. No wonder he's confused. Don't worry, Data -- you are funnier than all those other stiffs.

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I was thinking the exact same thing [as well as, man, I hope this film gets better]. Maybe the rest of the crew didn't find it funny because they didn't hear the conversation between Crusher and Data them, Data just pushed her in for no reason, out of the blue.

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