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Deleted Scene Star Trek Movie (Fan Made)


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Report this Apr. 18 2013, 6:18 am

Two officers enter one of array labs.  But what met their vision could only cause their mouths' to drop.  "What the hell were the doing?" broke from the officer before he knew it.

Scanning what could only be considered as a horrorfest with their eyes, neither could pay much attention to the Tricorders.  "But routine visits." the officer holding the weapon knowing they had been here at least during two of them, months apparat.

"Is that a Gorn?" the weapons officer catching a brief glimpse of the form on the table.

Tricorder officer swaying in the direction.  "No Martian." his only words, recounting.

"Aren't all Aliens Martians." weapons officer in the midst of making light of the situation due the severity.

"Martian as-" each man spotting the armor approximately the same time,

Communicator open in a flash.  'Captain are there any other ships in the area?' the Edosian taken a back by the question at first.

craning their head back from their Secondary Science Officer, who was shaking their head. "No why?"
'They were experimenting on Martians" seconds away from disciplining his officer, they each heard  Shields up, Red Alert!' assuming they heard one of them questioning  
how the hell did they manage to pry its armor open. 

'Keep this Com open, Mr. Hayles, get a lock on the team and beam them up!' overhearing. 

"Oh God, we need to go Now!" the Weapons officer slowly backing, recalling the stories of the battles on Andora, when two clans fought for a stronghold.

"Commander NyXeis"  (nI-szEs) the Twin officers overhearing their Captaini attempting to raise their Communicator.

Eyes wide, feeling as if they could not breath.  "Commander come in, we mu...ssst." eyes soon falling upon an Ice Warrior and Leader.

"W-we did not do this." words failing the Phaser Officer.  "We were responding to an-an unknown distress call." the Tricorder Officer's words failing him.

"If not you.  Then who?" the Ice Leader's eyes falling upon their down and mutilated compatriot.

Each feeling like ants, eyes closed.  "You are familiar with Marssssshian Law." sounding more matter of fact than posing a question.  Each nodding.
"Who wassss in command of thisss basses." the Ice Leader picking up the fallen soldier as if attempting aid a fallen crew member.

Swallowing hard the Tricorder Officer fighting a name.  Fighting for the name.  "What wassss their name!" the Ice Leader posed yet again, the Ice Warrior leaving their Sonic Disruptor upon them.

"Administrator Bri-Brian Ambers." the Phaser Officer's words of remaining quiet unheeded.

"Are you attempting to imposssse sssilenssse on an invesssstigaton, where you clam you are not at fault." yet again matter of fact than asking.

"You said you-you said you were one of the ones who came to to inspect."the Tricordeer Officer recollecting.  "You-you said you found-found nothing." thief benefactors' attention soon drawing upon the Phaser Officer. "You even suggested for the Commander to go the opposite direction." the Tricorder Officer praying they could not smell him now.

"Iss thiss true? the Ice Leader glaring down upon the Phaser Officer.

"Two months after it had been established, then eighteen months ago when my-when my sister-

"Holy Shit, where is she!" realizing how the lab is, what m use have become of her.

"We did not come upon any Humanss when we ressponded to the dissstresss ssignal." the Ice Leader replied.

"Where's my si..." before the Phaser Officer could finish, and over shouts of 'No!' by 'By Martian Decree' overshadowing all...

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