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First time Trekkie?


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So I got Netflix the other day and startedwatching Star Trek for the first time. Im on episode seven of theoriginal series. What should I be watching if I want to really get the bewt experience? Shouls Icontinue onthis series or skip to a different one? Any episodes I should know about?

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the best of both worlds.


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Starting with TOS is fine. But if you want you can also watch Star Trek Enterprise first. Enterprise is a prequel and takes place before TOS in the 22nd century. It's the first warp 5 ship, and it's called Enterprise. It's strictly a Starfleet ship, as in this point in time the United Federation of Planets has not happened yet. It's an awesome series. Particularly in the 3rd and 4th season.

I'll give you a break down of the complete chronological sequence of the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek Enterprise

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Star Trek The Original Series

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Star Trek The Animated Series

Season 1

Season 2

Star Trek The Motion Picture

Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn

Star Trek III The Search For Spock

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home

Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek The Next Generation

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

now it gets tricky, Star Trek Deep Space Nine runs side by side with Next Generation in the exact same time period. I always reccomend that people watch Next Generation and Deep Space Nine together at this point.

TNG Season 6/DS9 Season 1. However Season 1 of DS9 begins part way through Season 6 of TNG and that's why Season 1 is shorter and only has 19 episodes instead of the usual 26. Begin DS9 after watching TNG Season 6 Chain of Command Part 2.

TNG Season 7/DS9 Season 2. These Seasons you can watch together from the start. They started together and ran together from the start.

Deep Space Nine Season 3/Star Trek Generations/Star Trek Voyager Season 1. Generations is the 7th movie and is the first of four TNG movies. Watch it after DS9's 3rd season episode Meridian. Now half way through Season 3, Star Trek Voyager begins. It's first season is also short, shorter than DS9's first season was. It has 15 episodes.

So about half way through, start Voyager season 1, and finish out DS9 season 3.

Deep Space Nine Season 4/Voyager Season 2

Deep Space Nine Season 5/Voyager Season 3/Star Trek First Contact. First Contact is the 8th Star Trek film and is the 2nd of 4 TNG movies. Watch it around DS9's 5th Season episode Rapture.

Deep Space Nine Season 6/Voyager Season 4

Deep Space Nine Season 7/Voyager Season 5/Star Trek Insurrection. Insurrection is the 9th Star Trek movie and is 3rd of 4 TNG movies. Watch it around DS9's 7th Season episode It's Only a Paper Moon.

Voyager Season 6

Voyager Season 7

Star Trek Nemesis. Nemesis is the 10th and final TNG film, and the final film of the Roddenberry/Berman Trek era.

Star Trek 2009, is a new reboot/remake of TOS. It takes place in an alternate timeline where anything new or different can happen.

Star Trek Into Darkness comes out May 17th this year as a sequel to Star Trek 2009.


This is my reccomendation of the sequence in which you view everything.

The years that everything was produced is as follows.

TOS: 1966-1969 3 Seasons

TAS: 1973-1974 2 Seasons

The Motion Picture: 1979

Wrath of Kahn: 1982

Search For Spock: 1984

The Voyage Home: 1986

TNG: 1987-1994 7 Seasons

The Final Frontier: 1989

The Undiscovered Country: 1991

Deep Space Nine: 1993-1999 7 Seasons

Voyager: 1995-2001 7 Seasons

Generations: 1994

First Contact: 1996

Insurrection: 1998

Nemesis 2002

Enterprise: 2001-2005 4 Seasons


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If you'd like an episode-by-episode breakdown, this one is 99.5% accurate:


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Continuing on with TOS would give you a good grounding in the series.

I wouldn't jump straight to TNG Best of Both Worlds, because a lot of the weight of that episode depends on your having some familiarity with the characters and particularly with the Borg. I'm loathe to suggest you start with the first season either, however, because that is pretty bad.

DS9 you could start from either season one or season four.

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The production order (as dictated a few posts above) is a pretty good way to go. I do recommend against skipping bad seasons, as they still contain stories and information that helps build up the characters and story arcs. Skipping a few exceptionally bad episodes is fine, though.

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I'd just watch everything in the order it was released. If you find TOS too visually dated (but it doesn't sound like you do, since you've watched 7 episodes already) you could just skip to the TOS movies.

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