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USS Chuck Norris


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Report this Apr. 17 2013, 10:47 am

And it's time to announce our March IDF award nominees...

Best Post: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineer, for "One last attempt!"
Sprague's mortal enemy makes ones last attempt to rid the universe of the incompetent Captain.

Funniest Post: Lieutenant Feyd Relor, Nurse, for "Gutsy Dame"
Lt Nelson takes the away team in an unexpected direction.

Genesis Award: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer, for "Brothers in Arms"
The Chuck Norris rescues the crew of a doomed freighter, whose crew believes that a pre-warp planet might be responsible for their ship's destruction. The Chuck Norris investigates.

Most Valuable Player: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer
Winters takes home the Chuck Norris's MVP nomination yet again. The consummate producer, Winters contributes in nearly every way possible. He still helps mentor our many young players and continues to provide great opportunities for others to get involved in-story. Not only did he lead the ship in total posts again, but he also sent this month's Genesis Post. In doing so, he created a unique mission that has already sparked the sim into greater participation. Oh yeah, he got our Best Post nomination too. A true do-it-all guy, he makes the Captain's job easy.

Rookie of the Month: Ensign Erika Ross, Chief Diplomatic Officer
Ross joined toward the end of the month, but still managed to make a positive impact on the sim. Not only did she send several excellent posts, but she also introduced multiple plot twists and helped to get other crewmembers involved. A character with an interesting background, Ross wasted no time in getting deep into the Chuck Norris's story. The sky's the limit for this talented rookie.

Most Improved: None

Most Posts: Lt. Cmdr. Aurther Winters, Chief Engineering Officer, 15 posts

Recruitment: None

Congrats to all and good luck!

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