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USS Spyglass


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Season 1, Episode 1


Eye of the Needle, Part I


The Year is 2415. 


USS Spyglass, under the command of Captain Da'nai Eden, is dispatched under Top Secret orders to a mysterious gateway in the Delta Quadrant that leads to another universe known as Thetaspace. Once beyond the gate, they are ordered to cloak it in order to hide the knowledge of its existence from others, and locate a planet suitable for terraforming. However, the crew does not realize that they are entering a fractured sub-level of this universe which is highly unstable and that once they cloaked the gate, they were sealed inside. Upon passing through the gateway, the ship is immediately bombarded by incorporeal beings known as the Komar. The Komar possess certain members of the crew and try to force the ship out of the thetaspace universe. Since the gate has been sealed as the ship entered, and the surrounding space is unstable, the Spyglass begins buckle under the energy. The crew is both trapped within thetaspace and in danger of being crushed to death.


Will the Spyglass survive to succeed in its mission? Join us to find out

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