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When did TNG improve more?

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Created by: Holo


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I'm watching all of Trek in (in-universe) chronological order and just made it to The Child. 


I used to think that the show didn't really 'get good' until the third season, but I think I'm changing my mind. The entire look/feel/atmosphere of the show seems to change between 1 and 2, and it becomes much more apparent in HD. And while S2 has its fair share of bad episodes, it has at least twice as many good eps as S1.


Skipping ahead to S3, the differences seem reduced to new uniforms and Bev's back.


What do you think?


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There were a few really good gems in Season One.
Season Two got even better, although Beverly is
SORELY missed, in that one. I attribute this to
Rick Berman's taking on more responsibility. And
Melinda Snodgrass, who wrote "Measure of a Man,"
ended up becoming the "D.C. Fontana" of TNG.

She was very good. It's easy to forget that, this was
the first TOS Spin Off. There was alot of uncertainty
and experimentation. And remember, the TOS movies were
still coming out, though they were winding down. But I
feel that "Encounter at Farpoint" was a VERY strong start!


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People overstate TNG's bad start. The show was off and running by season two, and even season one has a couple gems, and only a few real duds.


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Very well said, CountJohn and I am in complete agreement with you, sir.


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 Seasons 1 and 2 are very good and roughly equal in my opinion. However, the season 2 finale "Shades of Gray" is probably the worst TNG episode of all.


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"Shades of Gray" was brutal. They should've had Riker contract an STD instead and showed blooper reels.


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I think it improved even more between seasons 3 and 4.


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I enjoyed them all, but think it definitely got better between season 2 and 3. Some of my favorite episodes are from season 3. As a matter of fact, the first episode I ever saw in its entirety was "Who Watches The Watchers". I don't know why, but I love that one. It made me go out and buy the DVD's.


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Season One is pretty awful but forgivable in its way because it is the first season.  Season Two is a weird one.  When I started watching it, I thought it was a significant step forward from Season One.  The stories were more complex, and there was more character drama.  Worf's increased role helped make the characters' interactions more dramatic, and Pulaski's sparring with Data, while roughly executed, was a welcome relief from the blandness of almost all the charater interactions in Season One.  But then, at just about the halfway point, Season Two's episodes go from decent to totally unwatchable.  I have heard that it was about this point in the season that the writers' strike started affecting episodes, and I believe it.  After finishing Season Two, I was almost ready to give up on The Next Generation and was seriously puzzled why so many people love it.  But luckily, I stuck with it because even when Star Trek is bad, it's Star Trek, so I love it.  The difference between Season Two and Season Three feels like the difference between night and day for me.  The shots and lighting are much more professional looking.  The stories are more compelling.  Even the acting seems improved.

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