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What is up with the gorn?


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So I just watched the new video game trailer, and saw the Gorn. And they are some odd creature now? They don't seem humanoid, they seem like dinosaurs. I realize the TOS version was cheesy, but they were redone for ENT.

So now they are dinosaurs instead of a humanoid reptilian race? They even have tails! These aren't gorn! What is the video game team thinking?

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I don't do the online gaming bit,
but I saw the Gorn Resin Statue
this site started hawking. And I
have to agree, this redesign lacks
imagination and creativity, completely.
It's not a compelling image, I'm sorry.
Clearly, their heart just wasn't in it.


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According to the blogs released on this site, there's more than one species of Gorn, some more evolved than others.

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They were trying to redesign the Gorn for the new video game. They are somewhat humanoid, but not as much as they have been. Sort of a Hybrid between a Humanoid and Reptile, but less human than they have been, which is actually an interesting (interesting, I didn't necessarily mean good) change of pace for Star Trek, being that most races are so humanoid.
Check out this video that Bandia/Paramount made about it: 

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interesting that there are different 'ethnicities' to the Gorn, but am not entirely sold on the design. will def play the game though

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