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Other TV shows


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Of the more current shows I like:

Hawaii Five-O

Under the Dome

Big Bang Theory

America's Got Talent

Who Do You Thing You Are

Celebrity Apprentice

Amazing Race

King B IX

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Game of thrones

The walking dead


Person of interest

Falling skies. (although the last season sucked)

Hell on wheels

Arctic air.



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24 is awesome. It's pretty much the only non-Star Trek show I watch.

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Definitely Doctor Who, especially the new seasons ie: David Tennant and Matt Smith. I am definitely looking forward to the new Doctor and the 50th Anniversary special. But I am a keen collector of videos and DVDs from the old days of Doctor Who.

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Older shows:

Emergency, SWAT, Rookies, Hawaii Five-O, Equalizer, Miami Vice, The Pretender, Rescue 911, The Avengers (British spy show, not superheroes), Dallas.


Current shows:

Walking Dead, Southland, Big Brother, Big Bang Theory, anything on Investigation Discovery Channel, Revolution, Under the Dome.

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