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Archer's name


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Weird thing I just noticed: In every Star Trek series, the captain and first officer have a hard /K/ sound in either their first or last name. All except Archer... was that on purpose, or am I crazy to notice?


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I never noticed that before... but yah your right!!

 I think it was probably random... but I could be wrong


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Apparently, Archer's name was originally going to be 'Jackson Archer', which would have continued that odd coincidence through the captains. It was apparently changed to Jonathan when research revealed exactly one person in the USA with the name.


Perhaps it was for the alliteration affect? Combine that sound with the one at the start of the word 'Captain' and you can see it. Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Captain Sisko, Captain Kathryn Janeway, Captain Jackson Archer. Addmittedly even with the name Jackson the effect doesn't work so well with Archer's name, but it works with the others.

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