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Top Ten TOS Episodes


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In no order, because I have always had trouble picking favorites with things like movies and TV episodes...


Shore Leave


Tomorrow is Yesterday


The Return of the Archons


This Side of Paradise (because I just can't resist a smiling Spock)


The Devil in the Dark


The City on the Edge of Forever


Amok Time


Mirror, Mirror


A Piece of the Action


The Enterprise Incident (Spock with the Romulan woman....that was quite a sight to see)


I will point out that I haven't yet finished watching season 3.

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- The City On The Edge Of Forever
- Where No Man has Gone Before
- The Conscience Of The King
- The Immunity Syndrome
- The Enterprise Incident
- The Devil In The Dark
- The Tholian Web
- Naked Time
- Amok Time
- The Cage


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Not in any order

The City on the Edge of Forever


Balance of Terror


The Enterprise Incident


Assignment Eartth


Squire of Gothos




Space Seed


Where No Man has gone before


Mirror, Mirror


Errand of Mercy



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1.  "The Trouble With Tribbles"

2.  "The City on the Edge of Forever"

3.  "Journey to Babel"

4.  "Balance of Terror"

5.  "Amok Time"

6.  "Mirror, Mirror"

7.  "The Enterprise Incident"

8.  "The Squire of Gothos"

9.  "Return to Tomorrow"

10.  "Wolf in the Fold"


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