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Top Ten TOS Episodes


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2.Mirror, Miror

3.Space Seed

4.Where No Man Has Gone Before

5.The Corbonite Manuever

6.Balance of Terror

7.The City on the Edge of Forever

8.Errand of Mercy

9.Journey to Babel

10.Day of the Dove


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1) The City on the Edge of Forever

2) Amok Time

3) Balance of Terror

4) Journey to Babel

5) Space Seed

6) Mirror, Mirror

7) A Taste of Armageddon

8) The Galileo Seven

9) The Enterprise Incident

10) Tomorrow Is Yesterday



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The City on the Edge of Forever

Balance of Terror

The Enterprise Incident

The Doomsday Machine

Space Seed

The Ultimate Computer

The Empath

Journey to Babel

Mirror, Mirror

Errand of Mercy

No order there... and this could change tomorrow. So many great episodes.


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not in any order...


The Tholian Web

The Doomsday Machine

Mirror, Mirror

The Trouble with Tribbles

The Menagerie part 1 and 2

Balance of Terror

Who mourns for Adonis

The Galilieo Seven

Journey to Babel

The Enterrpise Incident


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Balance of Terror

The Menagerie

Amok Time

Space Seed

Mudd's Women

Court Martial

The City on the Edge of Forever

The Paradise Syndrome

Space Seed

Mirror, Mirror

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I only cam imagine 5 which I loved the most cause I only watched them all one time (except my favorites).


1) This Side of Paradise

2) Plato's Stepchildren

3) The Naked Time

4) Amok Time

5) The Trouble With Tribbles


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1. The Doomsday Machine

2. The Omega Glory

3. Amok Time

4. Space Seed

5. The Savage Curtain

6. Spectre Of The Gun

7. Mirror, Mirror

8. Bread And Circuses

9. The Tholian Web

10. The Ultimate Computer

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1.  Balance Of Terror

2.  The City On The Edge Of Forever

3.  Tomorrow Is Yesterday

4.  Shore Leave

5.  The Menagerie

6.  The Galileo Seven

7.  The Naked Time

8. The Conscience Of The King

9.  Where No Man has Gone Before

10. Court Martial

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1) The City On The Edge Of Forever

2) Journey To Babel

3) The Enterprise Incident

4) Amok Time

5) The Galileo Seven

6) The Devil In The Dark

7) The Naked Time

8) The Menagerie

9) The Ultimate Computer

10) The Trouble With Tribbles

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AHHH , it's so hard to choose, in no particular order:

1) Balance of Power

2) The Man Trap

3) The Devil in The Dark

4) The Galileo Seven

5) Amok Time

6) Arena

7) the doomsday machine

8) space seed

9) Operation Annihilate!

10) Journey To Babel



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1.  Errand of Mercy

2.  A Taste of Armageddon

3.  The Devil in the Dark

4.  Who Mourns for Adonais

5.  A Private Little War

6.  The Galileo Seven

7.  The Enemy Within

8.  That Which Survives

9.  Space Seed

10.  The Way to Eden

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1. The Doomsday Machine

2. A Taste Of Armageddon

3. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

4. The City On The Edge Of Forever

5. Balance Of Terror

6. I, Mudd

7. The Ultimate Computer

8. The Enterprise Incident

9. Amok Time

10. Mirror, Mirror


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1. Balance of Terror

2. Doomsday Machine

3. City on the Edge of Forever

4. Errand of Mercy

5. Journey to Babel

6. Space Seed

7. Amok Time

8. Devil in the Dark

9. Court Martial

10. Enterprise Incident

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It really is hard to choose....

    1.  Mirror Mirror
    2.  The Changeling
    3.  Mudds Women
    4.  The Squire of Gothos
    5.  Spocks Brain
    6.  Requiem for Methuselah
    7.  Shore Leave (the Alice in Wonderland episode)
    8.  Who Mourns for Adonias
    9.  The Trouble With Tribbles
  10.  The Ultimate Computer

And team alternates are

    1.  Elaan of Troyius
    2.  Space Seed
    3.  Tomorrow is Yesterday


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