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Pilots and finales from best to worst


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1) Caretaker

2) Emissary

3) Where No Man Has Gone Before (Counting 'The Cage' as the pilot would also be #3)

4) Encounter at Farpoint

5) Broken Bow


1) All Good Things

2) What You Leave Behind

--- BIG GAP HERE ---

3) Terra Prime (Let us not speak of that OTHER episode)

4) Endgame

5) Turnabout Intruder


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1. Caretaker

2. Encounter at Farpoint

3. Broken Bow

4. Emissary

5. Where no man has gone before


I havent seen the ending for DS9 so it would be unfair for me to rate the finales now. 


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1.Where No Man Has Gone Before

2.The Cage

3.Broken Bow



6.Encounter at Fairpoint


1.All Good Things.....

2.All You Leave Behind


4.Turnabout Intruder

5.These are the Voyages

Five Captains

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1. The Cage

2. The Emissary

3. Broken Bow

4. The Caretaker

5. Encounter at Farpoint


1. What We Leave Behind

2.Turnabout Entruder

3. All Good Things

4. These Are the Voyages

5. Endgame


I must point out that I liked These Are Voyages because it showed that the 24th century had more heroes than just Kirk. Don't get me wrong, I understand the people of the 24th century looking at Kirk as a hero but it is kind of unrealistic for everybody in the 24th century to look at Kirk as their hero. The finale of Enterprise showed that they also looked at Archer as a hero and I think it is about time that the 24th century had more heroes than just Kirk.




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- Broken Bow

- Emissary

- Where No Man Has Gone Before

- Caretaker

- Encounter at Farpoint


- All Good Things

- Terra Prime

- What You Leave Behind

- Endgame

- Turnabout Intruder

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Broken Bow

Encounter at Farpoint

Where no one has gone before

The Cage


What You Leave Behind

All Good Things...


These are the Voyages

Turnabout Intruder

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I just have one thing to say about Encounter at Farpoint is that the first person you see is a guy in a skirt.

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