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Fan Films


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Report this Apr. 13 2013, 5:38 am

Why do makers of fan films advertise their wares?
They  refuse to spend any money on them, yet refuse
to infuse their projects with artistry of any kind ...

And shouldn't films, fan-based or otherwise, at least
offer photogenic actors? Having the star weigh 40 stone
with a bad complexion trying to engage my enthusiasm in
his basement high jinks is really asking alot of an audience.

Fan Films are typically so incompetently executed that they
are just painful to suffer though. There is absolutely nothing
about these wasted efforts to brag about. So, why do they do it?

Five Captains

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I guess they get into just for the love of Star Trek. The only fan series I get into is James Crawley's New Voyages/ Phase II.


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Ah what they hey? It's free to watch -- so what have you lost at the end of the day except for five minutes that you could have spent on washing the dishes or staring at your navel or something?

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I agree, I still have to see a ST fan movie that moves me. However I do believe that it should be possible to make something very decent.

I can only dream but I really wish the maker of this short-movie would make one:


Just bloody awesome!

Make it so.


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Speaking as someone who has worked on Star Wars fan films (and wants to make at least one more) it is not for everyone. The reason that I have encountered when talking with fans is for the fun of it, for the love of the original world and adding something to it.

It honestly is like writing fan fiction and exploring a facet of a world that you enjoy. Film making itself is a long and difficult process so trying to get in and make your vision happen is not easy when you can't get paid for it or just doing it with volunteers.

I think James Crawley and crew, as well as Farragut films demonstrate that fans are still interested in doing these projects and that a lot of talented people just want to have fun.


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Quote: Five Captains @ Apr. 13 2013, 8:27 pm


>I guess they get into just for the love of Star Trek.


Exactly. I write Foundry missions in Star Trek Online, not because I'm hoping to get a huge fanbase for myself, but because I enjoy making them.

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I still feel that instead of trying to unsuccessfully
simulate the ENTERPRISE bride in their parents'
basement ... with Lawn Furniture and Christmas
Tree Lights ... that they'd be better off designing
this Hobby to be practical and affordable - while
still being worthy of the audience that they publish
these creations for. And they DO publish them!

Why not focus on the aftermath Kirk and Company
left on on the "Feeders of Vaal" in THE APPLE ...
for example? Or on the Native Americans in episode:
"The Paradise Syndrome"? It might EVEN be something
WORTH watching, if they did that - instead of failing so
miserably at trying to present a Sci-Fi setting which all
but demands unlimited access to good resources.

Utopia Planetia

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There're some great animated star trek fan films floating around. Star Trek Aurora is probably the best one I've seen.

Here's one I started working my way through today. The first 20 minutes is already much better than Star Trek 2009:


Here's another using a bunch of spliced together audio from various original series productions:


When the fan stuff is good, it can really scratch that 'need new star trek' itch.


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New Voyages in harms way is the best I've seen yet. It actually has a pace, and they make a great attempt. They played it at various convensions and hotels.


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2Takes, what do you think about ST books?

I agree on the quality of fan films. I have yet to see a live action FF that I like. I've seen some funny animated ST spoofs.

Taste is subjective. These people simply want to share their love of ST. No harm is done. And some FF's are so bad they're good.

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I'm very tempted to go all in-depth with this question
you've posited, Treknoir. However, I will answer it simply:
STAR TREK novels are - to me - Fan Fiction that's purchased.

But our own MatthiasRussell has always insisted that the
more "recent" novels are superior, quality reads ... and we
will not debate his profound wisdom, at these proceedings.


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They do it because they enjoy the process of making the fanfilm.

That's the nr1 reason. Others may be:

* to develop their skills involved in making fanfilms

* because they can

* because they want to show their ideas for new film/series that way

* to annoy people who get annoyed watching video's they hate instead of not watching

* so someone would start a forum topic on this very subject.

* because the earth's magnetic field is stronger where they live

* because they're drunk

* because they think they're awesome

* because making a star wars fanfilm wil be the same thing after jj abrams finishes Star Trek: StarWars VI

* because the earth is round but doesn't bounce

* because the end is near and we're all going to die!

* because they're with the government and try to cover up the chemtrails conspiracy

* because Armstrong used doping and they mistook Lance for Neil, concluding the hight of the jumps on the moon were not related to the gravity but the doping, which leads them to the plan to mow their lawns but make a fanfilm instead which has something to do with grass on which you do not sit but which you smoke.

* So i can reply with this rediculous answer that however rediculous it may be is not as rediculous as the question to which it replies.

Merry Easterbunny thanksgiving hunt on the 4th of july!


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I think the Star Trek: Phase II episodes are terrific, especially if you're into TOS. They're pretty amazing really.


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Yes, New Voyages/Phase II is absolutely stunning!  Their re-casting of the classic characters was spot on.  After the pilot episode (where they were obviously learning) you completely forget that it's not the real thing.  The other fan series I have seen took some lip-biting to get through, at first.  But the excellent storytelling made up for the horrible acting and poor graphics.  Even then, those got significatnly better, in the case of Rob Caves's Hidden Frontier.  They ended up with some professional actors, including Bobby Rice and JT Tepnappa.  They got better computers which allowed them to green-screen more flawlessly.  By the middle of the third season, I was so into the story, I stopped noticing the green halo around everyone.  By the end of the series, it was almost unnoticable, even when I was looking.

The OP was likely referring to the precursor to Hidden Frontier, USS Angeles... the CO being portrayed by Ms. Jennifer Cole, who is significantly overweight.  But at least she had the testicular fortitude to get in front of a camera and do it, instead of sitting anonymously behind a keyboard and complaining about the lack of quality free entertainment.

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Quote: 2takesfrakes @ Apr. 24 2013, 3:18 pm


>I'm very tempted to go all in-depth with this question
you've posited, Treknoir. However, I will answer it simply:
STAR TREK novels are - to me - Fan Fiction that's purchased.


I'm gonna have to agree with you re: the novels. Just wanted to see how far your net was cast.

Still, I stand by my " so bad they're good" response. Some of the videos/stories can make be belly laugh.

It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock

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