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Star Trek: Discovery NX-04


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Star Trek: Discovery is the latest addition to Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99 - specifically the NX Division, which focuses on the stories spanning the period following on from the end of "Terra Prime". We're a Play by Forum (PbF or PbBB) sim set in the year 2155 just months after the events of that episode, getting ready to take out the fourth of Earth's NX-class starships to explore our corner of the Galaxy. We're looking for writers who love character development and want to help us explored the untapped potential of this era of Star Trek history - we're set to introduce the Cardassians, the floating city of Stratos and more fight-sightings of iconic people and places we know from the later (earlier) Trek series.


Currently we are looking for:

Chief Armoury Officer

Chief Helm Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Communications Officer

Chief Medical Officer


Our website is at - head on over and take a look around, and if it interests you, sign up!

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