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When exactly does "Insurrection" take place?


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lol, Lots of TNG fans probably would've flipped out if Worf wasn't in the movie. He also showed up from DS9 with the Defiant during "Star Trek:First Contact" and it was never directly mentioned on the show. The episode "Rapture" is the first episode of Deep Space Nine to feature the new revamped uniforms created for Star Trek:First Contact.


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Quote: Ne vem @ Apr. 16 2013, 7:25 am

>Well, if it's set during season 7, what's Worf doing there? I remember he appears and starts explaining himself, but then Picard gets distracted and...why was Worf there? I can't think of one good reason except: Michael Dorn needs money.

>Where is the Briar Patch? Is it near the Badlands? How does all that red gas just float in open space? Is there real science behind it or does it just look pretty?

>And what's Worf doing there?


re-watch the film and you'll learn what Worf was doing there.Worf fully explained why he was in the area.

if you dont want to rewatch the film,Worf was at the federation colony on Manzar setting up a new the defense system because of the on going war with the Dominion.Knowing the Enterprise was in the area, he tok the opportunity to visit.

Based on star charts, which arent not canon, the Briar Patch is located in the Beta Quardrent

The Badlands are in the Alpha Quardrent.


Ne vem

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I've rewatched it and I can hear Worf's explanation up until 'Maznar' then someone else starts talking. Worf says a little more, but I can't catch it. Maybe I'm watching a different version.

Also, if the Dominion War is still on, shouldn't the Enterprise be more involved? On the long list of 'things to do', fighting the Dominion doesn't seem to be mentioned. Isn't that strange?

Why does no-one in Trek make zines?


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maybe you just need a better sound system.I here Picard telling him he has a few ideas to help the Manzar defence system.

And regardless of what you might think, the film takes place in the middle of season 7.Every TNG film takes place around the same time that the episodes were airing on tv.

There were at least 5 mentions of the Dominion in Insurrection, how many mentions would you have wanted???The fdilm want a DS9 film, it wasnt a film about the Dominion war.Even if you watch every episode of season 7 DS9, there were some episodes that did not feature the Dominion, there was some down time, period of time when the fighting slowed, or times when the federation had the upper hand.

Any of these times would be a good one for other missions.And even thou Picard might be good in a fight, hes a much better ambassador...........if you were trying to recruit new members,allies Picard is the perfect man for the job.

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