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10 tips for extend your smartphone’s battery life


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Nowadays, smart phone has become the essential in our daily life; no matter what type of smart phone you have, we all use it to maketelephone calls, play games, browse the webpage, listen to the music and watch videos even DVD movies etc. As all the things we do everyday, our smart phones always suffer from poor battery life.

 Either you are a symbian user, windows phone user or ios and android user; As long as you have a smart phone and want to get a longer battery life, pay more attrition to the following ten tips:

 1: keep your screen brightness medium

2: Avoid Vibration Mode du not use vibration with the ringtone.

3: keep GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth off when they are not in use.

4: Close the unnecessary Apps

5: No More Keytones as you can save some battery charge when keytones are turned off.

6: shorten the time that the screen will remain lit after you finish interacting with it

7: Do not switch on/off frequently

8: Charge Your Battery Correctly

9: Remember that battery runs out faster when our smartphones are warm or at a poor signal place like subway and flight. (It takes extra juice for your smartphone to search for a data connection at a poor signal place)

10: Use Battery Saving Apps


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