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Rare Collectible Item - What's it worth?


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Hey all! -

It's my first post here!  I've been a trekkie my entire life.  I've suddenly found myself in possession of a rare and autographed item, and I'm just tickled to find out what it might be worth.

It's a Roland V-Piano Grand.  It was autographed at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo by the 9 principal TNG cast + John De Lancie during their 25 anniversary reunion.  I'm reaching out to the community to figure out if my new prize it's worth what I paid for it!

I have no idea how these signatures inflate the value of this kind of item.  I don't really want to talk about what I paid, but I can say that the piano retails for $20,000 just by itself.  I've got all the photo documentation proving the authenticity of the signatures.

I'm NOT selling here, as I'm delighted simply to have such a unique piano (I also play piano), but I am very curious to know what it's worth to my fellow trekkies out there in the world. 

Check it out:


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The only thing I can suggest is to take it to an appraiser.


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The piano Nella Daren plays in TNG's "Lessons" would be worth something.
The one Spock played in TOS' "Requiem for Methuselah" is probably worth
even more. And these would sell handsomely without any autograph on them.
An autographed piano from a convention ... not worth so much.

Just because something is "rare" doesn't make it a prized collectible.

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