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Best Uniforms


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Here's how I'd rank the various starfleet uniforms we've seen throughout the franchise-

1.TOS movie uniforms (red tunics) I don't know why they ever changed them

2.TNG movie/late Ds9 uniforms (the white blazers here are by far the best dress uniforms)

3.Mirror Uniforms (for the bare midriffs alone)

4.ENT uniforms (they weren't that great aesthetically, but they were one of the few things that actually had the "NASA" look to them that would have been appropriate for the whole show)

5.TOS uniforms

6.Voyager/Early Ds9 uniforms

7.TMP Pajamas

8.TNG Pajamas


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1) The "future" uniforms from All Good Things/The Visitor/Endgame

2) TNG Movie/Late DS9 uniforms

3) TNG season 3-7 uniforms

4) Star Trek II - VI uniforms

5) TOS uniforms

5) Early DS9/Voyager uniforms

6) The Cage/WNMHGB uniforms

7) The Motion Picture uniforms

8) Enterprise uniforms (They were cool, but they just didn't fit into the Star Trek aesthetic)

9) TNG season 1 & 2 uniforms


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1. Voyager's uniform

2. Enterprise's

3. Late TNG uniforms

4. TOS movie 2-7 uniform

5. Early TNG uniforms

6. TOS uniforms

7. TNG movie uniform and late DS9 uniform 

The absolute worst ones were the TNG dress uniforms where it looks like Picard is wearing a DRESS! I know its a tunic but still...


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My favorites are probably the ENT and VOY uniforms.

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I love most of the Starfleet uniforms but ranking them is fun

1. TOS uniform (for the classic color). The overall design is great, including the dress uniforms, and individual starship assignment patches.

2. TOS movie era (maroon monster)-more military look, but the department color scheme doesn't work for me.

3. TNG movie/late DS9 (a better application of the color scheme from the Voyager jumpsuits. The dress uniform is also a mass improvement over the long dress style of TNG.

4. Star Trek 09-an interesting take on the TOS uniforms, I like the actual badge on the uniform, the undershirt and utility belt.

5. The Cage/Where no Man has gone before-before the classic there was the pilot. While never fully explored, it did have some interesting ideas, like the equipment belt, field jacket, and hat. There was so much potential in that uniform.

6. The Kelvin uniform-I like the tie in of color from Enterprise jumpsuit to the two piece uniform that would later be seen in TOS.

7. Voyager/DS9 jumpsuit. Another interesting concept that had multiple layers to it.

7. Enterprise jumpsuit-this really ties with the Voyager suit as I like jumpsuits, but the Enterprise ones, though practical and make sense

And now, a cross over from the monster maroon and gray shoulder jumpsuit:


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fireproof78, your rankings are virtually the same as mine would be. You must be a TOS fan first!

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I usually preferred the future/alternate timelines uniforms to the primary timeline uniforms. Except the relativity uniforms, all of which sucked if I remember correctly. Like some of the uniforms they showed in the next generation episode where Worf was universe-jumping -- so many of those were great.

I also really liked the mens skirt uniforms in those early next generation episodes. I'm a gay dude and find effiminate dudes very attractive, so I would've loved to see more of that kind of fem look on men in star trek.

Other than that, I basically agree with Holo's list, with the exception of the last two -- I think the enterprise jumpsuits may be the absolute worst. They completely disrupted suspension of disbelief. Like someone said in a ship design thread started recently, so much of what makes star trek star trek is the major design elements. Next to the ship interiors, the uniforms are probably the most important signal and mechanism for transporting the viewer to the future.



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TWOK (Monster Maroon)

First Contact/DS9 5-7

These Are The Voyages... (Enterprise Finale)

Enterprise 1-4

Voyager/DS9 1-4


Yesterday's Enterprise


All Good Things (TNG Finale)

TNG 3-7




TNG 1-2


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My favorite were TNG (all seasons) and then TOS. 


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I absolutely hate the TOS movie uniforms!! Sorry to rant but like fireproof stated above the department color schemes don't work for me either. I like the TNG/DS9 era uniforms but still think command should be gold not red.

In order:

1. JJs pajamas (TOS had the right idea but they couldn't afford replacements so when they washed their uniforms they shrunk. JJ uses better material)
2. TNG season 3 and on
3. DS9/Voyager/TNG Movies
4. USS Kelvin
5. TOS
6. Enterprise
7. TNG pajamas
8. TMP
9. TOS 2-6 movies


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1. TOS uniforms. Even though the early ones shrank, and the later ones were polyester, they're still the classic designs.

2. TNG uniforms. I like the sleeker spandex look, but I grew up on the later blousy ones.

3. Enterprise uniforms. Such a nice shade of blue.

4. TMP uniforms. I like the short sleeve options. I also like disagreeing with everyone who hate these uniforms!

5. DS9/Voyager uniforms. Baggy and kind of boring, but not offensive.

6. TNG movie uniforms -- the black and grey ones. Too dark, too heavy.

7. Monster maroons. They look like a marching band!

8. The white dinner jacket/dress uniform from Nemesis. It made the crew of the Enterprise look like the catering staff!


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1. TOS uniforms -- I prefer the classics (I'm also including the Abrams take on them)

2. FC/late DS9 era uniforms -- I really dug the militaristic look on these

3. Maroon Monsters (TWOK - TUC) -- Same reason as #2 but felt they were a little lacking in comparison

4. VOY era uniforms -- Boring, but not ridiculous

5. TNG series uniforms -- Thought the design was lame

6. Enterprise uniforms -- Eye sores

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1. Moroon Monsters - don't know why, I think I enjoy the formal military look more than anything

2. Next Gen - Perfectly inbetween, slightly formal, and not to boring

3. Movies 8 - 10/DS9, Boring however relitvely effective.

4. TOS - simple, and the original so I couldn't put them to low

5. Voyager - after seven seasons of this one I got bored (I never noticed untill recently that they are more or less jumpsuits)

6. Enterprise - Just plain ugly


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Uhhhh, what you think looks the best.......

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