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Is Mindfreak Criss Angel a real life Q?


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I've watched Mindfreak starring Criss Angel.  He does many weird actions including bringing to life a woman from a  womaneqin that was in a store display.  He can also walk on water and can teleport his phyical body from one location to another.  Watch him transforn a Barbie doll into a real life woman:


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You do know these are just tricks, mere illusions?

I remember that dumbass stunt he tried to pull in Clearwater, Fl. That was lamer Jeraldo's opening of Al Capone's vault.

CORPORATIONS AREN'T PEOPLE! Soylent Green is people.


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And you have video proof of how Criss Angel's magic is just a bunch of tricks/mere illusions?

I wish everybody happiness, great health, and good fortune.


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Quote: nicewitch @ Apr. 10 2013, 7:46 pm

> Criss Angel can walk on water

Chris walks on water

trick revealed


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