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Star Trek Club in Central Florida


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The USS Nosferatu is a Social/Fan club that operates out of Polk County, Florida. Not just a fan club we believe in helping out in the community with various things such as Food drives, Toy for tots, helping the homeless and much more. We also believe in treating our members as if they were our extended family helping out the best we can, where we can. Aside from that we believe in having fun, our group meets quarterly in January, April, July and October all meetings will either be through Skype or streamed via our website so out of area members can sit in, in addition our monthly newsletters are sent out by choice of either email or Snail mail. From time to time we plan outings which we call our “Away Missions”, although our club is free of dues some of the Away missions would require payment in advance to cover obvious costs, also since we are a due free club we encourage our members to please donate whatever they can to help with the cost of keeping our club an active one. Everything we do we try and keep within the central theme of things. We do accept members from out of the area and from around the world, these members are referred to as “Active Out of the Area Members” and are entitled to all of the benefits of being a member of our crew.

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