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Phasers (Lasers) are now a thing!!


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So the US Navy is going to deploy humanity's first laser weapon. Here we go people, Gene's universe is starting to take shape.




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Hay thanks for sharing that pretty cool and interesting article.
There is also something in the testing stages a plasma based gismo that speeds up healing of wounds as well just like on any of the shows.

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Yah! now i really have something to give my friends strife about... the last thing they want me to have is a phaser equivalant. But i would think it could be very useful in the military.


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Your welcome. I also saw on TV that the founder of Research in Motion, Mike Larzus, is now working with a new company on making a tricorder.


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While definitely cool, I don't know if a weaponized laser (phaser) is the first MAJOR Trek-inspired real-world innovation.  Some that come to mind are the cell phone (communicator), bluetooth (Uhura's ear reciever), tablet PC (PADD), Scanadu SCOUT (medical tricorder), space shuttles (maneuverable extra-atmospheric vehicles) and the ISS (starbases).

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Good points. Never even thought about blue tooth. I suppose when I think of Star Trek science and technology I think about lasers. Your list is awesome BTW (as I write this message on a Tablet).

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