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Who should Seven ended up with?

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Created by: startrek23cookie


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Quote: Beershark @ Apr. 11 2013, 4:30 pm


>I voted for other because ther is no option for "none of the above". Why did she have to end up with anybody. Why can't she be a strong, intelegent, independent woman? Oh yeah, because she was a shallow charcter thrown in the mix for T&A, that's why.

>But seriously I think it would have been better to just have left her single.


I agree!


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Chakotay?? C'mon, he's at least 20years older than her!!

I ship 'the doctor and meSeven' couple u.u

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Quote: michaela.lyktberg @ Apr. 10 2013, 12:06 pm


>Ok seriously I just wrote a mile long answer and the captcha code screws me over AGAIN. This is why I stopped being active in this forum >


One trick I learned a long time ago before I even came to this forum is when you post long entries, anywhere do the following before you hit post: right click, select all, copy.  This way you have it on your clipboard if the internet eats it.

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H ow About ME! I Know Resistance is Futile!  


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This poll is bogus. Seven clearly should have broken down and hooked up with Janeway. 

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I don't think she should have been with anyone. When they disconnected her from the collective she was basically a 9  year old girl in a woman's body. By the end of the show I don't think she had developed enough socially to deal with the complexities of dating and a sexual relationship with anyone


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The Doctor but with hair (as shown in one episode about the future).

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