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DS9 Women

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Created by: startrek23cookie


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What about Kira double as cardassian? SHE look tough and sexy

Bajor Tim

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Oh ya, Kira! That "dancers" body. Yum!  BT


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The sight of Jadzia Dax causes curious stirrings in my nether regions.


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Mirror Ezri.  Bad girl!



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 photo ourmanbashir_159.jpg

 photo baddabing_210.jpg

I just found this great Star Trek MB!!  photo ac1685424929087bf1b7e7e0d734f861.jpg


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I liked Leeta, also the One Odo should have done (with the dataport), before she got her identitiy back.  Another was the Female Vorta, wow, I woulda tried to negotiate with her. . . . . . . 


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Of those three - you have to say Jadzia....  Hands down, although there are no slouches there.  

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