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why do federation ships look so cool??


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when you think about it, federation ships have only a few main parts, disc, cylinder, pylons, and twoo more cylinderss, but why does this odd combination work so well? i want to here why you think the design is cool, and NO VAGUE ANWSERS!!


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Ships with the "classic" configuration (like the Constitution, Excelsior, etc) have a very regal quality to them, probably due to the way the neck supports the saucer. They perfectly embody the vision of "boldly going where no one has gone before".

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Good art direction.


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Yes, indeed, good art direction. We can all thank Matt Jeffries who designed the original Enterprise, Klingon battle cruiser, shuttlecraft, the bridge, all the various consoles and readout screens and the sets in which they are located! So much of what is recognizable as "Star Trek" was designed by this man.





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I love how they look futuristic yet plausible. it isn't a bunch of random hogwashthrown together just to look like its from the future. One of my favorite ships is the Enterprise NX-01 because it also has a military feel to it. 

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