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How about a ST Deep Space Nine or ST Voyager movie?


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Quite curious.

Ne vem

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I would've loved a DS9 movie, but alas it's too late now. Same for Voyager. Did you see how fat Worf was in Nemesis? Multiply that by another 12 years of video game voiceover work and American food portions and you have Michael Dorn circa 2013.

Then there's Avery Brooks...he seemed a bit loopy in that Shatner documentary. Would he even want to do a movie?

Actually, Michael Dorn's probably not that fat.

A potential plot?

For DS9, I'm really not sure what they could've done, the series itself was like an extended movie. Maybe they could've dealt with the aftermath of the Dominion War? Or Sisko could've gone back in time and seen parts of the war and had the chance to change some Jadzia's death.

Voyager? I really don't know...they get thrown back to the other side of the Delta Quadrant and have to do it all over again?


Why does no-one in Trek make zines?


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Neither of those shows had the popularity/visibility to justify a movie. The only way would've been if they'd piggybacked off of TNG's popularity by doing a joint movie, which almost happened in 99' with Ds9, but instead we got Insurrection.


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^^^This. As much as I love both series. They never had the pop culture appeal of TOS or the TV success of TNG. A new series is the only logical solution, then we can have Admiral Janeway and the ex prophet Sisko make an appearance. Maybe after the latest movie runs it's brief course, the powers that be can focus on a new series. Trek's home is on TV, not on a theatre screen.


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1. Trek's home is where the $$$ is at, and right now, science fiction programming on television is not known for it's profitibility.

2. I agree with the sentiments that these shows simply weren't popular enough to warrant or even justify a motion picture. TNG was much more popular than either of the other shows...and even that cast couldn't consistently maintain a successful film series.

3. (Most Importantly) The stories those shows were telling essentially ended. There's no further major hook for drama or continuity. TNG and TOS were open-ended when those series concluded. VOY and DS9 really were not.


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They could make a Voyager movie to complete the series they never finished! Its not likely now, but it could have worked a decade ago.


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I still think that for the sake of practicality, any DS9 or Voyager movie would have to be a crossover between several series. Of course the best place to start from is Sisko's return, perhaps. That could well be the catalyst to bring the crew(s) back together. I don't think it would happen -- but whether it would work depends very much on the writing.

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What is it about the fan mentality,
that expects there MUST be a movie
at the end of each and every series?
There's absolutely no justificaiton
for this viewpoint. It's just absurd!


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I would love to see a crossover movie with both crews. Sure, the stories essentially ended, but that dosen't mean that the lives of the crews did. In Nemesis, we saw that Janeway had made admiral, so what happened to the rest of them? I know an in theater movie would probably not make a lot of money like the TOS,TNG and new movies. And that's because more people are fimiliar with Kirk and crew and Picard and crew. I think a direct to DVD or television movie event would garner the interest of fans and make good money in sales and/or ratings.

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ds9 would never have worked as a film IMHO. it felt like a complete finale and ending back in 1999. voyager would just have been called tng-lite had they made it to the big screen.

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