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What if Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge used his "real life" LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow experience


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I remember when LeVar Burton on an episode of Reading Rainbow took a jar of water and positioned it between the sun and a piece of furniture on Earth. Mr. Burton showed how that the jar of water could diffract the sun's rays into a rainbow of seven colors.  That got me thinking, what if on a Star Trek The Next Generation episode he had his "fictional" Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge to redesign the Enterprise's shield generator to use all seven colors of the visible light spectrum to make the Enterprise invincible.


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The glass tube in the ENGINE ROOM
used in the first couple of TOS movies,
involved a complicated effect of reflected
light in an inert gas, to get that very cool-looking
blue, shimmering effect to show the ship's power.

Unfortunately, NEXT GENERATION decided to go with
a much simpler effect of Neon Lights switching on/off,
sequentially, blurred behind a frosted, plastic casing.
I guess the TMP effect was too costly? Oh, well ...


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What now? Why would dispersing light into the optical spectrum make the Enterprise invincible? Would enemies stop dead in their tracks and wonder about the meaning of life like the double rainbow guy, giving the Enterprise time to get away or fire photon torpedoes?

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nicewitch's somewhat unorthodoxed theorem
might have found inspiration in the prism
found on the original STAR TREK: The
Motion Picture poster ...

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