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what is your favorite ship designs


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The refit Constellation Class
The Motion Picture. Why?

It's like a piece of Art Deco.
In the truest sense, it is, in
every way, A Work of Art! And
it has this "pearlescent" finish
to the paint that was spectacular!
The whole model looked quite elegant.

What a shame ILM had to screw with
the paint job after STAR TREK II,
and use a flat finish instead ...


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On the inside, I really like the look of Voyager. But on the outside, the Constitution Class refit is great, followed by the soverign class.  the NX-01 looks great too. I know they are about as far apart as they get, but I like the looks of them.

"Borg. Sounds Swedish."


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the posiedon class from legacy, its down right sexy.


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Wells class


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My favorite starfleet ship is the defiant, but my favorite ship of all time is the Original Romulan Bird of Prey.

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