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Something Interesting To Ponder About The Black Hole


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Ever notice that the center of a Black Hole is always the deepest black in color? Could the reason be that what we are seeing is what is on the outside of our Universe? Total darkness where if another conduit connecting to such a black hole were discovered and we could travel through the Black Hole we might arrive in another Universe similar to our own.

Just wait until we discover a Black Hole that we can see actual color in the center of. When such a Black Hole has been found then the Eistein-Rosen theory can be said to have been proven.

But where does the exit point of the Black Hole lead to? Does it lead to another part of our own Universe or does it exit into another Universe outside of our own?

In reality we always see the center of the black hole as black. The only place in our Universe that is without color or light is on the outside of our Universe. So if we were to come across a colored Black Hole's center then we could be pearing into a distant Universe trillions of light years away.


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Thread Update - I was thinking about something again that was very interesting so I had to share it with everyone.

We know that a Black Hole and a Sun are one and the same celestial object. We also know that Cancers are caused by many factors but more appropriately the main factor is the body receiving a large dose of bad UV radiation that causes damage to the bodies cells.

But what if this were not the case? What if instead the reason that cancers show up in the body is because of a sub quantum micro black holes at the center of the sun emitting harmful radiation that causes the cancer cells to develop?

Basically we know that a Black Hole consumes everything in its path and everything that is in the black holes path is made of energy.

The cancer cell basically is like the black hole in so much that the cancer cell consumes all of the cells of the human body that would otherwise keep the human body alive. The human body and the living energy would be compared to a solar system where the cancer cell and Black Hole would be compared to both destructive systems consuming the solar system and the human body.


So how would a black hole be able to create such a cell which although the biological cell is destructive the cancer cell is still life?

Could there be a connection between a black hole and the suns of a particular area of space where the pull of the black hole on the celestial bodies along with the Sun's local involvement with planets is actually the prime factor involved with creating life where life forms would be present within a certain distance from the Black Hole.

Black Hole V4641 a micro Quasar and is located only 1600 light years away. Thats not very far at all really.

Perhaps the Micro Quasar not being a fully destructive black hole is keyhole through which graviational forces pull on the celestial bodies around it while the local celestial bodies create a pull closest to the lifeform pull on the body as well thus creating an area of gravitational influence where the body would have to work in order to maintain itself. Such work would ultimately create bodily systems such as the heart, muscles and bones where microbials build such layers up over billions of years to create a community of micro orginisms that have come together to form a community for their mutal survival thus creating the human body and the life around the Quasar.

Since the micro Quasar would only produce a moderate gravitational pull on the body the effect of its gravity would allow lifeforms to develop instead of mererly remaining in the microbial phase relationship of creation.

So where do we need to concentrate our search for life in the Universe? 1600 light years in a circular pattern around the V4641 Quasar Micro Black Hole.

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I always figured that black holes were black at the center because no light can escape the gravitational pull.

Both interesting ideas, but I'm afraid I can't comment further as I'm not very well-versed in that area of science.

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Remember the Einstein - Rosen Bridge Theory involving Black Holes.

One theory suggests that two black holes would connect to other locations in the Universe. Even though light cannont escape from a black hole we should still be able to see the light above a black hole that has not been consumed from the other end of the black hole.

Since we cannot see light at the center of the black hole then we could say that the other end of the black hole is located on the edge of our Universe and is allowing us to peer to the outside of our Universe where there is of course no light.

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Here is something else to think about with regards to a black hole and why it possible is able to devour light photons.

We know that space is a vacuum.

But about the space around our Universe? It is an absolute vacuum. Without knowing what resides on the outside of our Universe without a reasonable doubt the following theory can speculatively assumed to be true.

We know that a module that humans live in has to be pressurized to a certain psi or the human cannot survive.

If we think of the Universe as a module that contains particles such as planets, suns, asteroids, life, ect where the edge of the Universe is the hull of the module the next can imagined rather easily.

Lets suppose one of the particles inside of our Universal Container explodes. In this case a sun that has the propeties to collapse in on itself.

As the sun collapses it pulls on the interior of the Universe's hull weakening it. The sudden loss of compression as matter is pulled together as the sun collapses because of the vacuum created with the outside absolute vacuum on the outside of the Universe occupying the interior of the module causes a tear in the Universes lining on the edge of the Universe.

The initial tear in the lining of the Universe would allow the vaccum inside of the module where the vacuum compresses the Universe thus forcing the matter around the black hole to be forced into a singularity that eventually builds a conduit between the black hole and the vacuum on the outside of the Universe. Because the vacuum is greater on the outside of Universe any particle caught near its maul would be sucked into the blackhole.

The Universe would also be pressing against the particles within the Universe as well where the path of least resistance is maintained just like it is with ice, water and electric.

Once the pressure equalized between the area where a black hole resides and the vacuum of the space on the outside of our Universe the black hole would slowly dimenish until there was nothing left but celestial debris where the breach in the Universes Hull had occured.

Think of the theory by filling a tub full of water. The tub itself is the Universes lining. The water the particle contained within it. Both Puttining a force upon each other with what ever is on the outside of the Universe putting pressure back on the Universe.

The drain plug is the black hole after it collapses. If you watch the process you will see a conduit formed where the drain plug was opened. The event horizon or the maul of the conduit would be the point where the sun collapsed into a black hole with the conduit or funnel leading to the point where tear in lining of Universe occured.



A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.

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