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star trek changed my life


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star trek changed my life, and for the better, actually, a better way to say that is: Star Trek svaed my life. many people are probably wondering how the heck did a non sentient show saved a persons life, well here it is. i was a very young kid, i loved books, and read fiction often, not understanding most of its contents, but enjoying it none the less. my parents introduced me to star trek pretty early, and needless to say, i adored it. around this time, i was getting bullies on the bus, thinkimg back it wasnt realy that bad, but, i had never been bullied, and i was emotionally inderdevelloped for my age, and so slowly, spawning from tales i had read of a wonderous afterlife, i decide it would be easier to move on to the afterlife myself. but thankfully, there was something i still wanted, before i "left", my inner nerd had to know, how does tng end, and what happens to data? i had many questions like that, and so in my simple, underdeveloped brain, i put off suicide, and instead thrust myself headfirst into star trek. now there is litterally no 5 minutes that go by that i dont think about star trek. another happy ending, i am bigger, and stronger than the bully, but  true to trek wisdom, i never confronted him, okay, i never hurt him, i would be lying to say  never confronted him.

that is my story, are there any ones out there similar??


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Well, that's quite a story! For me,
STAR TREK hasn't "changed" my life,
because it's always been there. The
idea that we could be on equal terms
and have a meaningful relationship
with advanced aliens was compelling ...

I loved the psycadelic effects and eye popping
colors of the show. The camp, the fun of it ...

Later I realized that STAR TREK was really
a metaphor about Humanity and it was like
rediscovering it all over again. Now ... it is
familiar escapism which I enjoy on a great
many levels. Even in finding this virtual outlet.


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Star Trek gives me hope for the future. It shows what humanity is capable of becoming, if enough people choose to make a difference.

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... And from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau

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