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The Little Old Lady and The Tortoise


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After becoming bored last night with developing my game using the Unity Game Engine because I had depleted myself of etherical energy I opened up my copy of Stephen

Hawking's A Brief History of Time The Universe In A Nutshell.

Open your books upto to chapter "Our Place In The Universe" page 2.

I began reading about Betrand Russell who gave a public lecture on astronomy. At the end of the lecture a little old lady at the back of the room stood up

and said "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise."

The scientist gave a superior smile replying, "What is the tortoise standing on?"

"You're very clever, young man, very clever," said the old lady. "But it's turtles all the way down!"

Perhaps the little old lady was onto something. "It's Turtles all the way down!" Could she have been remembering the hand of a lover and his slow hand or was

Creation speaking though her telepathically?

When we view the Universe we often times only remember measurable causalities in terms of how fast atoms spin relative to each other. This can be considered

normal space where velocity is present and can be measured. But when we look at space that is infinite and occupying all points all of the time every time we

see something interesting.

A force occupying all that is without a velocity but yet has a velocity of an infinite nature. Otherwise we could measure space as it would have an edge

similar to that of light which can be measured because light has a measurable velocity.

Since matter can be seen and unseen and measured because matter has a velocity the reason that space cannot be measured is because the farther down the

quantum hole that we go the slower that the velocity of matter becomes. So slow in fact that matter simply ceases to exist in state that is measureable based

upon the human understanding of time and space.

An infinity on the back of turtles who travel very slow would in fact double the rate of each new layer of turtles or quantum layer of energy that we travel


This can proven by creating a phalanx of turtles. One phalanx has 500 turtles grouped together in perfect formation and alignment

The other phalanx is a single turtle.

Both phalanx have a starting point at the exact center of each formation and will travel to a point 100 yards to their front and at the same velocity.

You might think that the larger phalanx of turtles will have arrived before the single turtle phalanx but in reality the single turtle phalanx has arrived at

the finish line before the entirity of the larger phalanx because that larger phalanx has not yet closed the event horizon like the single turtle has thus

making the larger phalanx actually slower than the single turtle phalanx even though both traveled to the event horizon at the same velocity. In fact the

first turtle would have travled to the event horizon twice before the larger phalanx had crossed the event horizon once.

As the layers of quantum become so large they are like the large turtle phalanx that becomes slower and slower when moving through space time because of the

immense size of the layer of energy. The turtle phalanx however like space does occupy all points in space the larger that it becomes thus moving at the

speed of infinity.

There is only one celestial body in the Universe that functions in the same manner that space does where the reduction in the velocity of an atom occurs and

that is the black hole.

Black Holes are thought of as being destructive monsters that destroy everything in space completey. But what if this assumption is wrong? What if a Black

Hole does not destroy atoms but instead slows their internal rotation velocity down so much that the atoms seem to be detroyed but are in fact returned to a

state of absolute motionless becoming space?

Philosphiae Naturalis Principia - The Philosophies of the Principles of Nature are always mirroed within the body of the living and sentient being and do not

come from the thoughts of the sentients who laws determine the fate of the Universe.

A Black Hole could therefore be said to be the Keyhole through one could access space where time does not exist but is merely a bridge into the realm of

space itself and infinity itself. You have to go through hell to get to heaven they say. What a hell that would be to be completely without time or life yet

still existing in a state of constant infinity. Occupying all points in space and time just as Creation does. One would see the entirity of Creation in an

instant one would be with Creation.

If one could negate the effects of the Black Hole in slowing the velocity of atoms and we were to travel past the event horizon of the Black Hole into the

very heart of the Black Hole then one might be able to arrive at any point in space either a few light years away of perhaps even trillions of light years

away. But if our ship is not protected then are bodies and its atoms and molecules velocties slow to a point of becoming motionless and making us into space.

We have to remember that because we are of the Universe its clues are hidden within our very body. Take for instance the human eye. The human eye is like the

Black Hole in so much that it is small compared to the amount of light or the Universe. Yet both still consume all that available light and in the instance

of the Black Hole all matter that is around it. The light is then focused within the eye where receptors create an image that we see. Suppose the same

process occurs within the Black Hole. As particles pass through the event horizon their energtic velocities are slowed where receptors inside of the Black

Hole convert the particles into particles that are not held inside the Black Hole but are created as an image on the other side of the Black Hole where the

particles that were slowed down by the Black Hole then have their velocity returned to them thus becoming particles once again in a completely different

region of space.

This would allow the propogation of the Universe to occur at the speed of infinity. Another way to demonstrate this effect is to watch hour an hourglass

measures time. Two globes one full of matter and the other empty of matter. At the center or bottle neck is the Black Hole that slows down the matter passing

through it. Some matter becomes trapped in the center of the Black Hole becoming space and some matter is able to pass through the Black Hole where as the

matter rejoins normal space it's velocity increases again thus becoming a measurable particle. It is interesting to think about that as matter has slowed to

the point of becoming infinity or space that the particles passing through the Black Hole have retained their original velocities or maybe that their

velocities were gvien back to them as they passed through the Black Hole by Creation herself or maybe that such a velocity is maintained by Space itself

which creates an infinite amount of mass regardless of which side of the Black Hole that we are on.

It is also interesting to think about what a Black Hole and a Sun really mean in comparison to each other. One gives life yet takes life away. The other

takes life away and yet gives life back. It could be that at the focal point of matter transference within a Black Hole is where the answers to creation can

be discovered.

But then again such answers always lead to the paradox of creation of if this is how we were created then how was that which created us created.

"It's turtles all the way down!" she said. Turtles it will be then.


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