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Clips showing greed of Weyland-Yutain in Alien movies (contrasting with Star Trek)


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Report this Apr. 06 2013, 3:25 pm

As a project for one of my classes, i am making a video trying to show what future we can have if we geet rid of greed and corporate control.  I am using star trek to show what a future could be like with out greed, where people work to better themselves, and Alien, where greed rund rampant, and big corporations like Weyland-Yutani control everything.  I am looking for some clips that i can show demonstrating their greed, and showing the universe in the Alien movies as corporation dominated, and undesireable.  If you have links to youtube clips that would be great, but i own all the movies, so if you know what movie a specifif clip is in that is also great.  Thanks for your help!!!

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