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I never watched, why should or shouldn't I?


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I never watched, but think of western cartoons for kids and sisters would make such fun of me big construction worker and 3rd/4th degree blach sash guy watching things made for children; please say why i should or should not so if I should I can show this to sisters


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The Animated Series was very cute. It had that going for it.
It had the original cast voicing it. It was reasonably intelligent.
But it was cheaply made, poorly animated and for its half hour running time,
it could be surprisingly slow paced and, truth be told, quite boring ... but Nurse
Chapel NEVER looked so cute, ... as she does in this version of STAR TREK:


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I won't say that TAS is great, but it's entertaining enough. You can watch the entire series in about nine hours, so why not just give it a try?


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Definately not my favorite but you should give it a whirl


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You should give it a try to see if you like it.  You should continue watching it because you like campy sci-fi and find it entertaining.  You should not watch it because you don't like campy sci-fi and/or aren't entertained.  All other suggestions are moot.  The only reason to watch or not watch any form of entertainment is whether or not it entertains you.

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Of course, try it. But I couldn't get thru more than 5 or 6 episodes. It was pretty bad stuff...

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If your family mocks you watching cartoons, I wouldn't show them this one. I imagine the show comes across as fairly odd to non-star trek fans.

But if you like star trek, watch it. Honestly, I prefer watching it to most enterprise and original series episodes. Even prefer it to lots of next generation and some voyager.

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