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Which TOS movie you like best?

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Created by: Lang-haoLeeyoh


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Quote: Flanaess @ May. 14 2013, 6:11 pm

>It's a favorite movie of mine as well.

STAR TREK III: The Search for Spock
has its fans, I am pleased to see!

It benefitted from alot of other things,
as well. Nimoy being a first time director,
wanting to do a good job and being careful.
The fact that it was the last TOS movie to
take itself seriously. The humor is organic
to the storyline (isn't forced). And most
important to me is the fact that Spock's
refusion on Vulcan and all that is treated
with weight and importance. THAT was awesome!
We KNEW he was coming back, yet they try, at
least, to make us worry and wonder what the
outcome was going to be. Beautiful! And to
see Nimoy's take on Vulcan was really cool ...


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Star Trek III is my favorite, and it's also very underrated in my opinion.

I vaguely remember seeing it in theaters when I was a little kid back in the mid-1980s.


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The Undiscovered Country is my favourite, I just feel its a fantastic final adventure together for the original crew, the final scene is very fitting.

To Boldy Go...


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I chose Voyage Home. I enjoyed that movie very, very well and have watched it numerous times. I also appreciate the idea in it that we need to take of our planet.  With that said, Undiscovered Country is a very close 2nd. That movie was like watching a great sci fi mystery. It was very, very good and I have also watched this one numerous times.


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Star Trek VI. . . ."Then Mr Checkov, It will be Left to the Perview of the Diplomats" . . ."Earth,Hitler,1938". . . "Could take Weeks!". . . ."Mr Scott, Start your Engines". . .

I agree with the List of 3rd Movie. . . .however, found the 3rd movie Dragging, Specially at the end with all the VooDoo.


Shatner's Grim Reaper

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TWOK by a nose over TUC.

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