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Lines you hate during show, but stay with you forever


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Why did I hate the line "ugly bags of mostly water" so much it & the Arrogant (pls so try make elves sound moral) ruin episode for me, but that line come to mind more than any from all series and like it when it does?

Do this happen to you with this line to? and any other line it happen with if no with this line, please list if you like


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Yes! When ENTERPRISE found those Irish Settlers,
and Riker was alone with the hot redhead who
awkwardly suggested he get his feet bathed as
a sort of  strange come on. Rker's response of:

"... is there a special technique to this foot-washing?"

has always stuck with me. And I HATED the line, so bad!
Every now and again, yeah ... it'll just pop in my head
and, I hate to say it, makes me laugh, sometimes ...


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"it is a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting."

DDD: it sounds like would taste really horrible and BLEEECHHH  but that line pops into my head at the most random moments and I can't help but chuckle 


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tea,earl grat, hot. im not a picard fan, but for some reason I cant forget it

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