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In TNG they really like pirates, and very willing to use weapons to gain victory; in DS9 they really like D&D roagues (not including monk or bard).

Does anyone know the reason for this change; personally I much prefer them in DS9, but think it is strange that it almost like 2-races, odd as Shimerman played both quark and one of the Farangi in the first TNG Farangi episode and said he perhaps had the most number of lines (of the farangi) in that episode.


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mlitant ferengi had a huge ship, hundreds of people and powerful weapons, he was militant because he knew he could afford to be so. it isnt that all ferengi are militant, like not all humans are, nut that some are violent, others, not so, therw race dose not have a single image that every ferengi fits into.

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