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Dukat and Kira


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What's up with them? everyone suggest like her as gf, but then she daughter of his gf!!!! What is he really seeing her as, and how messed up are most of the possibilities; I am hoping someone come up wif reason not father and law and daughter in law sex love because she remind him of her mother.


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Every character on show suggest he like her as gf *


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It's all part of the general creepiness of Dukat. Very Freudian though, in a messed up sort of way.

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OtakuJo Makes sense, afraid 1 say that; like hobbit guy say abt golum in Lord Of Rings commentary- he like creepy guy at office, then he do something sweet and you like him, then short while later he do something terrible again and you think of him only as creepy guy again.

But U right, very gud use of psych to give realistic complexity to characters


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Dukat was a complex and interesting character until they started in with the Pah Wraith crap. He's one of those people who you know that if they had been raised in different circumstances would have been a great man. Instead he was subjected to trauma, abuse, and rejection throughout his entire life until he went mad.

-He was first traumatized by his father by way of his illegal activities that got him arrested, breaking Dukat's ability to look up to this father that he loved and depriving them of their time together.

-He was then traumatized by the Obsidian Order by way of their killing his father and taking away the possibility of their spending time together and then maybe reconciling.

-He was traumatized in the military by being assigned to clean up a very messy accidental death scene.

-He was traumatized by the Bajorans when he was put in charge. He arrived with good intentions. We know that the Cardassian hierarchy was not very kind or good-humoured so his immediate first decisions to abolish child labor, halve production demands, increase the amount and quality of food supplies and to increase the availability and quality of medical care were a gamble on his part. In return the Bajorans murdered lots more Cardassians and tried over and over again to murder him at every opportunity.

-He fell in love with a Bajoran woman and had a daughter with her. Later they were lost to him.

-Dukat later recovered his daughter but lost the rest of his family and job in the process.

-Dukat's daughter remained on DS9 were she pursued a friendship/romance with the former Obsidian Order agent who killed his father.

-His daughter was killed by his trusted friend.

-He was nearly powerless and forced to watch Klingons rampage through his space, murdering his people, civilians or otherwise for sport.

Really you see in Dukat a victim of circumstance. It seems to me that all Dukat had been searching for was someone to be genuinely tender to him, to tell him that he was okay and that they believed that he could do the right thing. Instead his life played out on a stage full of scheming vipers, ruthless assassins/terrorists, and lovers who only really loved him for what they believed he could give them.

And then he went insane.

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Yes, every time I would see him in the 2nd+ seasons (haven't gotten to the whath part yet) with Sisko I would always think, "you see all you need to do is accept him and he'll become a good man" but instead Sisko rejected him and continued to treat him as the enemy, and you could immediately tell that he would go even further down the path to insanity.

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Dukat is mean.

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Kira would have clawed her heart out with her fingernails rather than get with Dukat.

The audience knows Dukat had some sympathetic aspects to him, but Kira would never see that side of him.  "Cardassia and Bajor, maybe.  You and me, I doubt it." (Return from Grace)


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Anybody else notice the look on his face when she informed him she was carrying the O'Brians' son!


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I don't think that Dukat was actually attempting to seduce Kira, just to ingratiate himself to her. Dukat always seemed to be attempting to sway particular individuals (Sisko and Kira mainly, but also his daughter and Damar) toward favorable opinions of him. He's a fascinating character, one who seems to associate the actions and thoughts of individuals with much larger groups (Kira represents Bajor, Sisko is the Federation, Damar is the Cardassion Union). This irrationality, combined with his desperate need to be loved, contributes to his insanity.


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It would actually make sense that he would be attracted to her. If he had a genuine attraction to her mother then she reminds  him of her. So yeah it makes sense

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