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So, I remember watching the first episode of "Enterprise" in a hotel room when it premiered. I hated the theme song. I hated the idea of a prequel show, most of all. I thought, "How can they do this without tramping on established Star Trek canon?" Which they ended up doing several times. And so I caught a few shows here and there. It never really got my attention.

Now thru Netflix, I am watching some episodes. ANd not really in any particular order, even though I see they had long story arcs, something I always wanted from a Trek series. Anyway... I guess you could say that I am enjoying them now. Not blown away or anything, but I like it better than before. I would say that the main weakness (aside from being a prequel series) is the cast. They don't even come CLOSE to the casting of the other Star Trek series'. Scott Bakula is as good as he can possibly be, the others? BORING! Heck, Dr Phlox is more interesting than T'Pol, or Trip. And the communications girl? (Cant recall her name)  She is AWFUL!!

But aside from that, they filmed it in widescreen, and the special effects are a vast improvment over any previous TREK. 2 cents.


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T'Pol and Trip get more interesting as the series continues, mostly in the third and fourth seasons. I definitely recommend watching the episodes in order when you can, especially in season 3.

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I was also hesitant to watch it at first, but I ended up absolutley loving it. 

I thought they would screw up the whole Star trek canon. But they actually did a pretty good job, with a few minor instances.

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