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What is wrong with people on this site?


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Wow really? Who shoved a weasel up your ars?  Sounds like you’re being racist Christian hater. That really shows the type of character you have. I think you just came here for a fight cause someone stepped on your toes. If you really have a good heart you need to forgive and turn the other cheek. There are correct times to fight and incorrect times to fight. This isn’t one of them. I never seen or heard of any Legitimate Christians or other cultures you mentioned making such a self absorbent pompous fool of a negative threads such as these.
If you really want people to be on your side, you need to be a little more nicer to your fellow man. You catch more friends with honey then vinegar. But since you really pissed over the whole world right now, I suggest you go some place quiet and cool down till you come back to your senses before you make a fool of your self  and regret lot more things.  Besides there are far more persecuted people then you who got spit on, kicked, made fun of and who’s lives were like a living hell more then you and I never seen them complain as much as you. So grow up little girl.

I will no longer participate in this angry hate filled thread. Thank you very much. I said my peace.
Besides this is suppose to be a fun place not a place of jerks.

He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it. -Douglas Adams (1952-2001)


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Quote: Lang-haoLeeyoh @ Apr. 02 2013, 11:29 pm


>humanityresurrected Christian bashing? Really? Claiming reverse racism IS a sign of being racist guys.  How about the post 9/11 anti-muslim actions across america; n' as a Buddhist who also believe in Chinese old gods the exist b4 buddhism; I can tell you that whenever online people start pushing Christianity on everyone else I find that offensive, and if tell someone whatever faith helps you get through life its good you have it, but you shouldn't presume your faith is better than anyone elses, they get upset at that; but there are hundreds if not millions of sites that do nothing but say Jesus Christ is only way you be saved and no go to hell.  If told you believing in the Buddha's teaching's only way you not go to hell you say you would no be offended; but you see absolutely nothing wrong with Christians doing that? Acceptance of such actions is called passive bigotry; and it seem 3/4 of you are actively passive bigots.  I not say it not bad in China, it horrible there; but at least there if someone say "you racist" person ask how and try to change; here is you say "you racist" they call that reverse racism because you happen to notice that they are racist, and they see being racist a right and don't want  anyone reminding them of it.


I am not a Christian, however I live among many Christians, so I have some experience with this. Hopefully I can help you understand.

Many types of Christianity are missionary sects. Christians of such sects develop a built-in tendency to try to witness to people of other beliefs in order to convert them. Remember, unlike in China or other parts of the Far East where often people have two or three religions such as Taosim, Buddhism, Confusism or Shintoism and Buddhism, with religions which  originate from the Middle East, only one religion is allowed per person in almost all cases. This is because of the nature of the scriptures of the various Middle Eastern religions and their accounts of what god is like. It should be noted that when you are dealing with a Middle Eastern religion like Christianity, you are dealing with a monotheistic religion. That's significant because one popular interpretation of Christian scriptures is that there is only one true god and he is a jealous god and so all the non-Christians need to be saved before he destroys them and the entire planet. It is not a view shared by all Christians, but it is shared by many.

I think your assessment is correct, it is a kind of institutional bogotry disguised as love. But not all Christians are like that and some of those who are can still kind of be reasoned with on this issue.


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Quote: fireproof78 @ Apr. 05 2013, 8:59 pm

Quote: Kornula @ Apr. 05 2013, 12:26 am

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>I've never noticed any racism on here but for sure I've seen a lot of Christian bashing.

True... It used to be a lot worse several years ago, but nowadays, the bashing is more against Christian values than blatant Christian religion bashing.

Since Christian "Values" are, at the very least, hypocritical, that would make them worthy of bashing.

Really? It makes it "worthy of bashing?"

Its an interesting concept, in point of fact. When is something "worthy of bashing" especially in terms of race and values? Are racists worthy of bashing due to their own hypocrisy? What about politicians?

Also, at the risk of derailing the thread so feel free to respond via PM what exactly is hypocritical in Christian values? Its an interesting statement and would be curious as to your view that prompts such a statement.

Fire:  check your comments on your profile.


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^^I did comment back as well, Komula

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