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ENT returning via Netflix?


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I doubt CBS would be interested. The show didn't even do well enough ratings-wise to justify more than four seasons on UPN, let alone "America's Most Watched Network". If there was an Enterprise reunion (which is a huge longshot as it is) it will be an online mini-series, released in a similiar format to the American House of Cards. I'm honestly hoping that a new series will be on cable and not CBS anyway. More creative freedom that way.


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Reviving Enterprise is a great idea, it's the least "trekkiest" of the series and is more open and appealing to a modern audience. I know people that hate all other Star Trek other than Enterprise and a bit of Voyager. With the two recent blockbusters, and a growing fan base I thing that in the long run it would be a great investment. I would put up cash on a kick starter with t shirts, posters, and maybe for like a couple thousand a chance to be an extra (I would shell out major cash to put on a blue uniform and stand in the background. If the sets that have been sold could be bought back, extras could be volunteers (that would be easy to fill), corners could be cut in the beginning. Enterprise should make a comeback just like TOS. Us hardcore Trekkers who have watched EVERYTHING want more!


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Even if t was just a tv movie style story or a 13 episode season, I'd love to see this happen! I want the Romulan war on screen, then I'm good.


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I would love to see ENT return for Season 5 and maybe 2 more season would be even better as it is the onlt series since TOS that was cancelled before Season 7. Plus the Finale of Season 4 was not a good send off as it was a TNG episode even I as a TNG fan was not happy about that

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