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What was the first time you ever watched Star trek?


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i fell in love with star trek after my parents introduced me to the dvds a few yrs ago, honestly, i dont realy remember what happened, at first i wached a few episodes, didnt like it but, all of a sudden, i could absoltely not wait, and read everything abot star trek that i could.


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Like my former neighbor and best friend I loved scifi like him and his brothers. We grew up watching Buck Rodgers, StarTrek, StarTrekNG and other.

I loosely watched the classic Trek starting at the age of being a toddler. It was already in syndicate. Despite it kind of creeping me out I still watched it when I could since we only had one TV at the time. Not every one liked that kind of stuff.  The character Spock freaked me out the most. Guess it was those fingers, the hair and those brows. The ears not so much. LOL One time when there was a Simpson’s department store (very much like Macy‘s) there was this restaurant on the upper floor which had a balcony over looking the inside of the mall.  My parents decided that we would have dinner there but I had other ideas. I really didn’t want to eat at this place since it so reminded me of eating area of the classic Enterprise. Well I had no choice to eat and so I had a burger and fries from the kids menu. Was not happy and neither was my stomach since again I was feeling creeped out. Well lets just say I expressed my displeasure a few minutes after finishing dinner.

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I watched it for the first time about a year ago cause my boyfriend told me so^^ And I'm very lucky he did it cause now I totally love it


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I was at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas when I was seven and ever since then, I was hooked. I went away for about a year from it because my peers were being mean to me about me liking it but I don't care anymore. Star Trek is the best thing in the world and it doesn't matter to be that they don't understand how amazing it is.



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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

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