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The Wrath of Khan, Why is Khan's crew so young looking?


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I love this movie.

Why is  Khan the only old guy?

I didn't see any children in Space Seed.

If they have been there 15 years, Where did this group of 20 somethings come from?

This is something i've been thinking about for awhile now,  Can anyone provide some logic to this for me?


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Since they're genetically engineered, they might age differently.  Also, they could be the children of the original Botany Bay crew.


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So they are like  10-14 year olds?

Why are they so young?


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According to Arik Soong in ENT "Borderland", Khan's augments had lifespans twice as long as that of a normal human. So presumably they age at only half the normal rate.

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In reality, though, WRATH of KHAN
director Nick Meyer inherited a
cast of 50 year olds, including
Ricardo. It was his intention to
put as many young people in the
movie, as possible. And he did not
care whether it was logical or not.


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Director say #1 on ship may or may not be Khan son, that would make all may or may not be 2nd gen. also as some say above, genetic engineering, would probably more than anything else try to keep people in prime of life till at least they reach 50 or 60, Khan has grey hair cus' he had to much stress leading Eugenics war on earth, then loosing it, then loosing wife, then to much hate 4 Kirk.


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Who cares?? its a small plot hole that really did not distract from the story.

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