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Is it worth it?


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DS9 is not my favorite series but it is worth watching. It's actually my least favorite but I don't hate it.


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I assume you've seen TNG? You'll really appreciate the ongoing character development then. But wait to you watch Quark.. The best, funniest character in Star Trek ever. To be honest I hated (yes I'm affraid), the Ferrengi before DS9. As a Kingon at heart, I always wondered why Capt. Archer and then Piccard didn't wipe them out. Dax says it best: "The Ferrengi are the funnest species I've ever met".

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So true -- Quark is the best -- played by the best actor in star trek ever.


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Quote: Sehlat123 @ Mar. 31 2013, 1:47 pm

>Actually, I believe it was "Jean-Luc never hit me!"





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DS9 is definitely worth it. The MOST worth it.

Skip all the others if you have to!

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