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The Snowflake and the Flu Virus


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Report this Mar. 29 2013, 8:48 am

Here is something interesting to think about.

The snowflake is created from various nature factors that never creates the same snowflake twice.

The Flu or Cold Virus is also like the snowflake in so much that a strain is almost never the same strain twice.

Humans are the same way. Although we all have physiological traits that make us seem similar to others how each person interprets life is entirely different.

So what is the connection between nature and space that creates the single snowflake and single patterned virus?

Finding the connection between what makes each snowflake infinitely different than every other snowflake is the key to locating the Cold or Flue virus core that once found can be eradicated forever...much to the dismay of pseudo-pharmacutical companies who say this pill will cure everything....including the common cold.

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