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North Korea Readies It's Rockets to Fire

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Created by: dryson


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A Good Thing If North Korea Launches Their Rockets...

The North Korean people should be looked upon as being no different than like Middle Easterners who under the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein suffered greatly until that burden was....discretely dismissed.

One thing is certain is this. If the North Korean leader launches rockets in an attack and a war results I am certain that factions within North Korea will take the opportunity to splinter away from North Korea because of the treatment that the leader of North Korea...levies against them for his own benefit.

The North Korean people hope for such an opportunity for war so that when allied factions arrive to make war upon the Anti-Christ the North Korean people will side with us because of the conditions that their leader has placed on them.

The North Koreans are looking for opportunity and freedom. If the leader of North Korea does launch rockets in attacks he will be giving the North Koreans the opportunity that they need.

It is almost with a certainty that if the leader of North Korea does bring war to his country that his own people will be killed will just further harden the resolve of the splinter factions within North Korea to protect North Koreans against despotism that will roll through their villages in tanks as the army of North Korea seeks refuge against the onslaught from allied attacks hoping that the loss of innocent lives at our hands will draw condemnation from the U.S.

The only thing that will be drawn from the world is more support in freeing the North Koreans in order to return North Korea and South Korea together as a single country with freedom and opportunity for all.

History has proven time and time again when a Despotic Leader commits his severely oppressed country into a war with another country that those oppressed within the Despots country WILL rise against him and his forces thus causing the fall of the Despot...history does not lie but such leaders who are insane seem to think that they can change history and that history will not repeat itself.

After all the story of North Korea is about Kim Jong Un.....HIS Story and not the story of the History of the North Korean People.

....the world will rejoice in the launching of North Korea's rockets as it will signal the end of another Communist Despot and the spreading of....liberty.

....30 seconds to orbital insertion.


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We should definately keep our eyes on the NKs but they are full of empty threats. They are just trying to intimidate us. When i lived over there in SK it was an everyday comment to say that the NKs were going to launch a missile. Only once was it actually taken seriously. 

I think we should definately should keep an eye on them though.


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 I would be concerned with the foreign troops leaving Afghanistan and the peaceful Afghans who are getting ready to move out of their country.

Once the peaceful Afghani's leave the only people left would be terrorists and those who support such groups.

With North Korea being really close to Afghanistan arms deals between the two could occur where terrorists are able to get their hands on some low grade missiles similar to a SCUD that could then be launched without concern to anywhere in the Middle East just like Hussein did in Iraq.

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I think a revolution will happen whether Kim starts a war or not.

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... And from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


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While the majority of us Trekkies don't support tyranny, I would think that the Prime Directive applies.  We cannot force them to embrace freedom - they must choose that path for themselves.


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Wait, you want to start a war, go into another country, and take out their leader? I don't support that. Like BamBam said, we should let them settle their own disputes. Why should we get involved and start a civil war?

Now if he attacks us, yes, we should take him out. But just threats? We should watch out for him, but we shouldn't start a war. He is just another crazy who threatens us, like all those dictators. However, if he attacks us, or at least attempts to, we should rid the world of him.

The thing that worries me is China. They are allies with them, and if we attach North Korea, they might attack us. And remember they have the world's largest army? We also know that Iran has worked with North Korea, as has Syria. So I wouldn't risk it unless we have to.


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I believe that if we try to overtake the NKs it could just lead to WWIII. NK has several allies with powerful nuclear weopons who would have no problem elimanating the USA. I think we should keep our eyes on them but not attack unless significantly provoked. I believe the Prime Directice does actually apply to this in the way that we have to let them decide and develop thier own way of living unless it jeopardizes others. 


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Yeah, I'm with BamBam on this one as well. They're not really free unless they've earned it for themselves.

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... And from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


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Would you support China coming in, taking out Obama, and instituting their form of government on our land? North Korea has not attacked us, as Sehlat said, just a bunch of threats. I agree with BamBam that we should let them free themselves, if they are against their leader. But they don't seem to be. Kim jong Ill was nearly worshiped by his people until his death, and now his son is treated with respect as well.

As many have said, NK does have powerful allies. Attacking them with no provokation will only lead to our demise. Now if they attack us, we should get involved, and if they attack an ally, we should consider it. If they attack SK, we should at least send aid. But just attacking them because of threats? That's not right. Imagine if we had attacked the USSR when they threatened us. We would have had WWIII years ago!

Overall, I agree with the assesment that we shouldn't get involved with other countries disputes. Besides, aren't we paying for enough wars? We should focus on keeping ourselves stable before we run to start a civil war somewhere else.


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Keith de Candido's character Sonek Pran, in A Singular Destiny, does an amazing job as a negotiator.  I was really impressed with his perceptiveness and ability to see what lay behind the obvious antagonisms.  In this way, he was able to go right to the root of the hostility.

We need more people like him--all around the world--to show us how to avoid conflict and resolve problems and challenges logically and sensibly.

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