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Borg survey


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WHoever came up with the which crewman should be a Borg she be fired! It is an anti Star Trek  inhuman notion!



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What are you going on about? It's not anti Star Trek at all. People are assimilated by the Borg all the time in Star Trek. They're not a well thought out adversary in Star Trek but they and their assimilation habit is very Star Trek.

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I think what he is saying is that being assimilated is a inhuman. Wishing someone to be assimilated, even wesley, is "cruel."


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How is the show meant to explore the issues and properties of humanity (which is the base factor in most star trek episodes) without showing inhumanity?


I'm not sure the OP's question even makes any sense at all

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The OP was written by a disappointed drone who was expecting perfection and got - well, an imperfect experience.  


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