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Star Trek online


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Im new to this Star trek online and im wondering what this is exactly. I know its a massive player computer game, but why are there stories about it in the magazine about "Under Seige" and that stuff? Is it like World of Tanks at all? i know how that works because certain people i know are obssessed with it. 


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Yes, STO is a MMORPG. 

Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game


They have a lot of content that that's done in seasons and specific to different species.  As you progress through the ranks, you get to do more stuff.

We also have additional content that's for teamplay (Special Task Force, etc.) that's a lot of fun.  They recently added fleets with starbases & embassies that allows for more capabilities.


Please give it a try.  Join our fleet (Frontier Fleet) and we'll be glad to help you. 


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"Under Siege" is the sixth of what the developers call "seasons" - major game updates that get added every few months.

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