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Trekathon: What to show?


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I'm hosting a twelve hour Trekathon a week on Saturday (13 Apr), and need to narrow down the choices. Attending are a mix of people familiar with ST and a couple of complete newbs (who are, nonetheless, willing to be be overwhelmed). So I need a mix of reminiscence for the pros and interest for the virgins.

I'm thinking 2 episodes from each of the series (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT), plus three films

I think the three films are relatively easy to choose; Wrath of Khan, First Contact and Abrams.

The episodes are more difficult. I'd like to show echoes if possible (eg. Trouble with Tribbles (TOS) and then, say, Trials and Tribbleations (DS9)) but I"m not sure if I'm doing that because I think it's cool rather than any benefit to n00bs.

Anyway, my ideas:


- Space Seed (set up for ST2)

- The Devil in the Dark (very fond of this story)

MOVIE: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


- The Best of Both Worlds (opens for a trio of Borg stories)

MOVIE: Star Trek: First Contact (2/3 Borg stories)


- The Seige of AR-558 + It's Only A Paper Moon (two amazingly sensitive stories which for me perfectly encapsulate DS9 - and it surprised me to learn the affection I have for Nog)


- Future's End (some time travel paradox!)


- Carbon Creek (the sensitivity of this episode surprised me)

- Regeneration (Borg story line)

MOVIE: Star Trek


Would really appreciate other ideas and suggestions :-D


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Just a thought...


ENT > "Silent Enemy" & "Anomaly"

TOS > "Balance of Terror" & "Metamorphosis"

TAS > "The Time Trap" & "The Slaver Weapon"

TNG > "The Best of Both Worlds, Parts I & II"

DS9 > "Progress" & "The Wire"

VGR > "Jetrel" & "Timeless"

MOVIES > "The Search for Spock," "Insurrection" & "Nemesis"


Have fun!

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For ENT consider "Dear Doctor" and/or "Cogenitor". Both were great stories with serious ethical dilemmas. "Demons" and "Terra Prime" are also great choices.

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If necessary I would skip the movies to make time for the best episodes. To me (being a TOS fan) there a few that would be a must:
Balance Of Terror
Both Harry Mudd episodes
Trouble With Tribbles
The Tholian Web

For TNG you have to have the Borg but avoid the "renegade hologram" crap.

For Voyager and DS9 just show the first couple episodes to give a taste.


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Or just set up multiple marathons and start from the beginning and just continue the next time where you left off.


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Thanks for your suggestions (I particularly like the series of Trekathon's idea, but I'm not optimistic!).

As a secondary question, should I show them in order of production or universe chronology? (ENT before TOS?)


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I like "The Offspring" and "The Inner Light" from TNG and "Take Me Out To The Holosuite" and
"Little Green Men" from DS9.

Generations is my favorite ST film.

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