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I loved The Next Generation from the start.  It seemed much better than TOS.  Honestly, in general, I think TOS is disappointing (the show did have a good cast and I especially enjoyed the Spock, Kirk, McCoy dynamic).  Racism and sexism still existed, with sexism being the more prevalent.  You eventually get used to Kirk, but he still does not seem like a Starfleet captain .  I think Picard is the best of the Starfleet captains.  He's principled, relies on diplomacy much more than Kirk and uses violence only when absoultely necessary (The first action of Kirk's was almost always violence).  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons and all subsequent seasons of the Next Generation.  I have to agree that my least favorite character was Riker.  He was nice and all, but they did not do enough with him.  My three favorite characters (in this order) were Data, Picard, and Worf.   Being autistic, I have to say that I can identify with Data.

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